Blue Sapphire

With blue sapphire, the most popular color, the intensity of blue as the most important factor. For example, you may have a huge stone of many carats, but if the color is a washed-out, weak blue, then the value of the stone will be lower. Look for a stone that has an intense, rich blue without being dark or inky. Overall, sapphires that are too dark and inky or too light in color are valued less. However, light blue sapphires often have a brilliance that is rarely found in the darker stones.

Yellow Sapphire

 Yellow Sapphire is thought to attract wealth and bring prosperity to the family. In general, Pukhraj helps to bring fulfillment of ambition. For example, it is believed that a girl who wears yellow sapphire will get married early. People aspiring to administrative and political positions should wear it to give them the benefit of fate on their side. It also acts as a protective charm. Those who find obstruction in the progress of their education, or those who suffer losses of property should wear yellow sapphire for removal of their difficulties. It is also said to aid in eliminating impurities from the body and stimulating the lymphatic system. Astrological gemologists recommend yellow sapphire to treat liver and gallbladder problems as well as disorders of the spleen and stomach.



Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires have recently become widely available by new deposits found in Madagascar in the late 1990's.  Until this time, fine pink sapphires were exceptionally rare and only found in a few locations in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Burma. The recent find of fantastic quality and quantity in Southern Madagascar  has allowed the popularity to explode. Madagascar pink sapphires come in a full range of color tone from very pale baby pink to a vivid almost magenta intense pink. Demand for the full tone spectrum is now equal.

Madagascar is truly the leader of pink sapphires today. The quantity and quality are unrivaled by anyothersource. Small sapphires under 1ct size are common, with most crystals having good clarityand uniform color.This makes it easy to identify a classic color associated with most Madagascar sapphires. Most of these pinksapphires have a medium vibrant pink color with an almost electric light reflection property.

For the first time, this unique color in sapphires is available in reasonably reliable supply.Most of these sapphires come out of the ground with good clarity as well, leaving the customary extreme heat treating to aminimum. But the color of these pink sapphires can have a secondary purplish color tone that can be slightly reduced by low temperature heating.



Sapphire gemology
Species: Corundum
Color: Blue, colorless, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, black
Chemical composition: Al2O3, Aluminum Oxide
Hardness: 9 (Mohs scale)
Specific gravity: 3.95 - 4.03
Refractive index: 1.762 - 1.788 +0.08 -0.04
Fluorescence: Blue: none; Colorless: orange-yellow, violet