Tourmaline has become a very popular jewelry stone due to its amazing range of colors, its very good hardness (7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale), and its vitreous luster and excellent clarity. While tourmaline does not have an especially high refractive index -- rating between topaz and peridot-- there is no other gemstone which displays such a variety of colors, sometimes even in the same gemstone!But not all tourmaline have the same value in the market. Some varieties are especially rare and valuable, while others are nearly as inexpensive as quartz. In between are a range of fascinating colors that represent some of the best values in the gemstone world. Here's a quick guide to tourmaline value.

Paraiba Tourmaline

       Surely the most rare and expensive tourmaline is the so-called paraiba tourmaline, an electric blue-green variety that was first discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in 1989. Colored by copper and manganese, this new tourmaline caused a sensation in the market. The market demand was so great and the supply so limited that the original Brazilian mine has been mostly worked out. However, in 2001 some similar copper-bearing blue-green tourmaline was discovered in Nigeria; then in 2005 a third find was made, this time in Mozambique. However, supply continues to be very limited, keeping prices exceptionally high.



Pink Tourmaline

       Pink has become one of the most popular colors in gemstones, and no gemstone offers as many choices in pink as tourmaline.You can find every possible shade of pink in tourmaline, including unusual bi-color and tri-color pieces. If you're searching for a hot pink gem, you'll most likely find it in tourmaline. But you'll also find soft pinks in every imaginable shade.Some fine pink gems, such as kunzite and morganite, are typically found in delicate shades of pink. In tourmaline you can find saturated pinks that range from the pink-red rubellite to rose to carnation pink.Tourmaline is also one of the few pink gems that can be found in large sizes. There are some outstanding pinks in sapphire, for example, but you were rarely find them in sizes over one or two carats, and they tend to be rather expensive. Pink tourmaline can be found in sizes over 5 carats at affordable prices.